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They incorporate Christ-centered principles into their healing practices, opening doors of possibility to new and exciting levels. The Brain in Your Gut Do you suffer from pain, bloating, cramping, inconsistent bowel function, mental fog, stubborn weight issues or autoimmunity? Learn the keys to healing leaky gut, SIBO, candida and IBS and how lifestyle, diet and herbs can only work if you know how to activate the "brains" in your digestive system. His integrative approach to healing has helped thousands of people from across the country move forward in their pursuit of improved health and well-being.

He has been at the forefront of natural healing for over 20 years and his clinical experience has allowed him to cut through the fads and trends of alternative health and focus on the pillars that produce results for his patients and clients. He specializes in solutions to complex conditions related to digestion, detoxification, female and male hormones, fatigue and weight loss.

The root cause of these issues stem from brain function or the lack there of. Rocky Mountain Brain Integration has been correcting these life challenges for more than 8 years using a cutting-edge technique based on principles of applied physiology and acupressure. Experience what life is like with a fully functioning brain. He is the founder and owner of Transcend, LLC. This ever-changing flow of life energy around your body is a silent, subtle radiation. You are responsible for your energetic influence, come and learn valuable tools to enhance it! Carolyn Cooper has been an active part of the energy healing movement since After years of working personally with thousands of clients, she created The Simply Healed Method, and for the past 16 years has been successfully training practitioners across the USA and Australia.

Carolyn loves to make complex ideas less woo-woo and more accessible and is a frequent guest on radio, podcasts, and summits. She shares weekly "Energy Shots" on her Youtube Channel. Magically Erase Your Problems When I first started my journey of healing it was very difficult to look within to find answers. Come learn how. Amanda Smith has spent her life diving deeper into the human experience. Throughout her varied career, she has served as a confidant, motivator, and coach, helping people discover themselves. In her time as a Navy sailor, she saw bravery and fear, comradely and struggle. As a stay-at-home mom with two beautiful girls, she saw independence and vulnerability, adoration and frustration.

As a life coach, she has seen every aspect of Yin and Yang. She has made it her mission to help and serve others as they grow in their understanding of themselves and find the balance necessary to truly flourish. Your whole life, people told you salt was bad, right? Now, all of a sudden, everyone's trying to convince you that salt is basically the best thing ever. Oh, the torment! Would you like to know the truth about salt?

Well, then--you belong in this class. Will you join us? She is obsessed with salt, and knows way too much about it, and is excited to share her knowledge and passion. The Stories Your Feet Tell Did you know, that through your feet you can discover and understand your 5 bodies? Imagine knowing exactly what is holding you back, what is helping, and what you can let go of. Along with understanding vital body signals on the foot. Come unearth what your body wants to tell you and create YOUR story!


Women's Breast Health - Energy Healing Technique

Maleah Gordon loves people and is passionate about sharing the hopeful message of holistic healing. She is a wife, mother, and owner of a dynamic foot zoning school and practice. She has delivered over presentations and finds joy in teaching others effective and practical tools that can change their very existence. She has used these tools and healing modalities to help her overcome serious physical and mental dis-ease. Together we can shift the planet and create a vibration of healing and love! Well, I do something similar It's called Spiritual Profiling!

Kristen lives her truth daily as she shares her gifts of Spiritual Profiling, being a Reiki Master, Mentor, Speaker and Trainer to her clients. She propels each individual toward their highest capabilities with a no-nonsense approach. To be in the presence of Kristen Hicks you know that you are number one. The world fades away and she envelopes you in her presence. Her laser focus and powerful intuitive abilities continue to amaze clients from all walks of life and all over the world. She has been using her gifts for years to serve those around her.

Circumstances can make it almost impossible to believe you really can have anything you want. Tired of gurus claiming how easy money is to make, when your own experience is the exact opposite? In this mind-blowing class, Allyson reveals how money actually works, how to make it flow to you, and your hidden power that opens your financial floodgates. Allyson Chavez is the Ultimate Prosperity Coach and a mental strength coach for high performers. She is a speaker on the topics of mindset, prosperity, universal laws, communication and relationships, and winning the inner game of business, relationships and life.

She is the bestselling author of The Prosperity Approach. Allyson teaches high performers how to harness the power of their minds and use natural laws to create specific, tangible results in all areas of life. How do breathing, balance, and sleep increase your longevity? We will discuss the importance of nasal breathing and airways as it relates to a reparative nights sleep.

We look for the root cause of symptoms for a long term solution instead of the band-aid fix that pharmacology offers. Michael Bennett practiced general dentistry for a number of years but found that he has a special passion and aptitude for helping people with and sleep-disordered breathing and pain. Because of this interest, he has limited his practice entirely to treating these issues. Bennett works to improve health, relieve pain and offer a better sense of well-being to his patients.

Being saddened from witnessing so many youth with anxiety, depression, cutting, perfectionism, and other self-destructive addictions coupled with personal mental and physical health concerns that were brought to light during a family trauma, she set out to find lasting, healing solutions. Her journey through alternative healing modalities led her to be a Life and Emotion Coach where she empowers other individuals to learn the skills and tools to create sustainable, healthy coping habits and use emotions to benefit their radiant life!

Your Emotions Are Calling! If only your emotions could speak your language, then you would hear what they are really trying to tell you! We will be discussing your Emotional Messaging System and how it relates to improving revelation and guidance in your life. Eric McEntire is a Husband, Father, Upper Cervical Chiropractor and Speaker who stands for a world where we assist each other back into alignment with who we really are.

Soar with the Eagles Elevate your life and purpose by learning to unlock your divine code. Nelson will share how a combination of Epigenetics and the Emotion Code can optimize your potential and eliminate the baggage that may be holding you back. He is also a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. For 19 years, he has helped thousands of people improve the quality of their lives. He enjoys running trails, playing racquetball and outdoor activities with his family.

He also enjoys serving in his faith and community. His passion is making life better for people. Teaching Youth - Thought and Emotional Control This class will teach parents and others involved with children and youth how to manage their mind and emotions. You will learn how the imagination works in controlling emotions. You will know how to turn anger off, and love up. You will learn how to study and remember better, improving test taking scores. This is 'must know knowledge' in today's competitive world! E Hypnotherapist Certificates are recognized and accepted throughout the United States, and in over 20 countries.

Courses are broadcast simultaneously online nationwide, in a fully interactive classroom setting. From mood and skin, to heart, brain, bone and chakras, learn the exciting scientific evidence and intuitive wisdom for personally and professionally enhancing your wellness with light. Marta's family started using pulsed light therapy as part of their health regimen to relieve stress and pain and enhance cell regeneration and circulation.

Young Stem Cells! Activate your own stem cells now. Harness your inner light and empower your beautiful life with this DIY at home technique! Learn how to experience scientifically proven youth regeneration, resetting your DNA back to young, healthy function within 24 hours with the latest in X39 LifeWave technology. She received this gift from the Divine after experiencing multiple near death events. Come enjoy exploring your own personal gifts along with Jacqueline as she presents techniques that will support your own personal healing journey.

Learn powerful youth regeneration medicine technology clinically proven to reset your DNA back to youthful function! Struggling with discipline or respect? Not yet married? Self-esteem lacking? Parent-child relationship rocky? Performance lacking? Increase your purpose, direction, hope, success, and satisfaction in life and relationships! Enhance Your Relationships! Parents, spouses, youth, everyone can eliminate negative energy resulting from anxieties and frustrations in relationships.

Learn how to enhance self-management, self-worth, emotional control, optimism, initiative, bonding, respect, hope, attractiveness and achievement. Health Coach, Karis Stapley, helps others overcome common, prevalent health issues specializing in effective gut-brain solutions. Chakras and Crystals: Unleash Your Power An advanced crystal class that focuses on techniques to clear, balance and unleash the power within your chakras.

Crystal Soderquist is the creator, and owner of Higher Power Healing and is a presenter, mentor, trainer and energy healing facilitator. With over 16 years experience in her field, she turned her passions into a lifetime commitment to work with people in helping them heal, learn, grow, and move forward in their lives. Crystal teaches how to heal through different natural resources, increase energy and intuition, releasing techniques for emotional well being and the use of many other modalities for personal development and growth.

Improve your Electric Health with Sound Our bodies are not only chemical and mechanical - they are also electromagnetic. And sound is electromagnetic as well! Learn about the Human Biofield and how the organizing, energizing and uplifting qualities of sound can improve our electric health, increase our energy, and liberate our inner potential.

Eileen Day McKusick is a pioneering researcher who has been studying the therapeutic effects of sound on the human body and its biofield since She is the author of the best-selling, award winning book Tuning the Human Biofield; the founder of the ground-breaking sound therapy method Biofield Tuning; and the inventor of the popular Sonic Slider.

Practical Uses for Essential Oils Essential oils are for everything from sunburns, scraped knees to fevers and the flu. Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of essential oils. Help the cut to start healing while disinfecting and most importantly doing no harm with chemicals. With essential oils, you can help your children with everything from hormone balance to self-esteem and so much more. To her, it is not an alternative world but a way of life.

She is the daughter of LaRee Westover and together Mom and daughter have been teaching about alternative health topics for more than 10 years. Valaree is the mother of six children who has given her a wealth of experience. They have challenged her with broken bones, burns scrapes, and cuts. She has been in the trenches of the flu.

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She loves to share her Essential Oil addiction and love or herbal medicines with others. Healing and Happiness After Loss Loss is painful and creates feelings of grief. Unfortunately, time does not heal all wounds. Your grief must be honored. Gain information and learn tools to start healing and building a life of happiness despite your losses.

The mother to 6 beautiful children including 2 angels and a spectacularly young grandma. She believes powerfully in the human spirit and the ability for all to rise from the ashes and create beauty.

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Balancing them will unlock the door that leads to your healing and restore youthfulness. Come learn the steps that help your hormones function optimally. Empowering with knowledge, tools and support, Teri offers hope so women can take charge of their health and get their lives back. Or know someone who does?

Need more tools to help you release those emotions in a healthy way? Then this interactive class is for you! Come explore the healing power of journaling, art, music, movement, and meditation. Kristi Corless is a mother of 4 children. She has 10 certifications including foot, back, face and hand Zonology.

She has been an essential oil educator for over 8 years. She has discovered the answers are not always found in "energy work".

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  • Tapping: Scripts for Beginners – EFT tapping scripts for stress management, weight loss, energy healing and more that you can use today! (tapping, acupressure, ... loss motivation, energy healing Book 1)!
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Amp Up Your Energy with Crystals This class will teach you how to use crystals to remove energy blocks that are weighing you down and making you tired. For over 20 years she has been working with crystals and finding ways to use them to physically heal the body and keep the chakras and body systems healthy. Gail is a wife, mom and psychedelic sheep of her family. Life Matters YOU Matter! What messages does your home have for you? How can you use that information to elevate your home and elevate your life? Come learn how to raise the frequency of your surroundings.

Your home is ready for a shift! Are you? Angela helps people create the foundations needed to support a higher quality life. As a massage therapist, she supports physical healing. As a mentor, she motivates growth. As an energy expert she enables people to clear the energetic blocks within their homes and open pathways to greater peace, abundance and joy. This is relevant to the world of healing, manifestation and creating and learning to stay in a vibration that changes the subconscious. Learn how to create and stay in a higher vibration and align the feeling in your brain, heart, and gut.

She helps people produce experiential evidence that drives abundance, high level self-worth, self-esteem and better relationships. With online products and classes, personal, private sessions, group coaching, workshops, masterminds, and her hands-on experiential events, as well as through her YouTube channel Mind Rewire, speaking engagements, and in her best-selling books on Amazon. As energy healers we become so focused on serving clients that we feel drained. Maximizing your frame of mind has everything to do with the growth of your business.

Disrupting your repetitive thought patterns gives you the opportunity to listen for your own answers! Tricia Peterson is a neuro-business coach. Pairing all of these modalities with her experience in running successful businesses gives her the unique perspective. Tricia is able to easily identify and remove the neurological blocks that are keeping your business stuck in the same draining loop. Money wants to support you in Your Divine mission.

Experience a new way of connecting with your money. Learn new tools and techniques to attract more of it into your life with grace and ease. Money is the Next Level of Spiritual Growth. BethAnn McMerrick, the author of the Divine Money Goddess Oracle Cards, weaves together her twenty-three years of business and accounting experience with spirituality to lead you to the spiritual side of your money. Empowering you to live the life you desire. As a holistic financial mentor, international speaker, and money energy healer she teaches you how to master the mindset and mechanics of money management, spiritual abundance, and divine financial wealth.

When you make money, you heal the world. Clear your financial chakra pathways, tune-up your money vortex system, and manifest your dreams come true! Addiction: Overcome. Substance addiction is running rampant through our society. There is rarely a home not affected. This class is for those who are looking for answers to real questions. It is focused on overcoming the obstacles, rebuilding life and relationships, and learning to prosper. Dustin is a mentor and trainer who has been down the paths of struggle, his real life experiences and triumph over them qualify him to share what works. His jovial manner allows others to connect with him on a personal level.

He is understanding and compassionate. He loves people and has made it his mission to helping them through their challenges. Dustin helps people find their point A, aim for their point B, with point C in the distance. He understands people and the behaviors that cause the struggle. With real life experience and personal passion for life, he will meet you where you're at and show you the steps forward. Manifest Tangible Results In 24 Hours What if healing and abundance were mostly a matter of aligning every cell and energy system in your body with the frequency of what you want?

It is not rocket science, it is the science of alignment. Tyler J. Watson is a master energy healer and the creator of the Complete Alignment Technique C. Besides toxic products, learn about how depleted soils and environmental toxins can cause a myriad of physical, emotional, and mental difficulties. But most importantly, learn how easy it is to reverse these effects and achieve beauty, health, wellness, and beauty through complete, natural, topical nutrition.

Jennifer has built an incredible reputation and loyal following by supplying a common-sense message of natural, direct nutrition to exactly where your body needs it most. You Can Create: Own Your Creatorship Interactive session where participants will see clearly their gifts, their values, and their unique next steps to owning their Creatorship.

Participants will turbo charge their wishes, dreams, and projects with Music Medicine experientials, Guided Imagery, and other techniques. Daniel Adams is a master at creating safe spaces and nurturing creativity. Having gone beyond his music therapist training, Daniel curates powerful frameworks from psychology, neuroscience, and various spiritual perspectives to see deep into people's Souls and align them with the fullness of their Creative Potential. Daniel believes that when we live into the Fullness of our Creatorship we are able to reclaim our destiny and change the vibration of those around us.

Pure playfulness and warm engagement endear him to all he meets. If the body is overlooked during belief work, the beliefs may remain stuck, or reemerge under times of stress. Kent Rosengren is a clinical, forensic, and pediatric psychologist. Rosengren developed Body Based Mindfulness Courses to be experiential and to teach about the often overlooked, but essential roles, the body and nervous system play in emotional, physical, and mental healing. Group Power Healing: Unlock Inner Knowing Remove past energies blocking your inner-knowing so you can heal and awaken faster now!

Ambujam works with the sacred powers of Group Energy to quickly unlock inner-knowing and foundational freedom for all participants!. Ambujam's unique rapid-energy-clearings and direct spot-on guidance accelerates personal healing, affirms inner-knowing and anchors your True-Self within. She sees where you are on the path and helps you navigate the path. You're asked to own your choices, reconcile karma and be who you are. Ambujam sees multi-dimensionally, zooming into roots of life-themes, situations, relationships and how you feel about yourself.

Ambujam's dedication to her personal path creates her work to meet the evolutionary needs of humanity.

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Ambujam works with groups, individuals, businesses, couples, children and animals. Learn how to bridge that gap by learning how to identify and reframe the fears and limiting beliefs that create it. She is passionate about inspiring entrepreneurs and other leaders to intuitively align with their divine plan so they can fully utilize their gifts and talents. This will allow them to lead with clarity, confidence and purpose in their homes and businesses. She also enjoys training those called to do energy work and coaching in the Transformation Code. The time is now! Get ready to take your home and the lives of your family to a whole new level.

When we learn new concepts and ideas and implement them into our lives through organization, simple processes, and balanced decor; our lives change. Our spirits are lifted, and our minds become clearer. Darin will be speaking on solutions and tools, ideas, and concepts that will change your home and your life. Over the years, he has had the opportunity to enhance others lives through his common sense and affordable approach to home staging, interior design, and personal mentoring.

Darin is a mentor, speaker, and has helped many create more time, energy, and certainly a better lifestyle. Our habits and behaviors that affect us become routine. Once we recognize and see another option only then can we grow, and the world around us grows. The environment in our home rises to a whole new level. Healing Your Relationships with Faith-based Tools The quality of your relationships impacts everything in life. Come learn simple, powerful tools you can use to clear the baggage and create more connection, intention, support and love in your various relationships.

This is a hands-on class where we'll practice and gain confidence with the tools. Her specialty is combining mentoring tools with faith-based principles to help people improve their inspiration, mindset, emotions, habits, and relationships. What happens to our breath during these times?

It pretty much stops or becomes very shallow. If, when we find ourselves in a stressful situation, we pause for a moment to take a few really slow and deep breaths, it can often clear our mind and quiet our nervous system, helping us to better handle the situation. Extensive literature in the Taoist canon describes various breathing practices, some extremely difficult and requiring the guidance of a teacher. But for basic Taoist meditation practices, such as sitting or even tai chi, the natural Tao breath technique is sufficient.

Practice it daily, and you will be amazed at the sublime effects this simple practice can produce. Have you seen statues of the Buddha, the Awakened One, sitting in meditation? Did you notice the little half smile on his face? We need to sit with that same spirit of joy and openness.

One of the things I remember most about my first tai chi teacher, David Cheng, was the warm smile he held all through his practice. So relax those facial muscles, and let a small smile play about your lips as you sit. Remember, it takes a lot more muscles to frown than it does to smile. Energy in the body travels along very specific pathways. Two of the main pathways are the du mai and the ren mai. The du mai runs up the back of the body, and the ren mai runs down the front of the body.

The place where they meet is in the upper and lower palate in the mouth. In Taoist meditation, as in all qi gong exercises , we want to connect those two pathways by placing the tongue lightly upon the upper palate. This connects the two pathways, much like completing an electrical circuit.

The Glyphosate Grain Problem - Gluten Intolerant or Glyphosate Intolerant?

When these pathways are linked, the chi can circulate in an efficient manner. Placing the tongue on the palate also produces greater amounts of saliva. It is not a nasty waste product, but a vital, healthful substance that we can use for our own benefit. Whenever we have accumulated a good amount of saliva, we should swallow it forcefully, imagining that it is traveling all the way into our lower dantian, our field of elixir. There are certain practices where you roll the tongue around the inside of the mouth in order to accumulate a good amount of saliva and then separate the mouthful of saliva into three parts and swallow them each separately, sometimes moving them down to each side of the abdomen and then to the center.

Many people find that closing their eyes helps them shut out extraneous distraction from the outside world. The danger is that you may be tempted to zone out or even fall asleep. Taoist meditation is not about going into a trance or falling asleep.

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Instead, it is a form of dynamic interaction between our outer and inner selves. If closing your eyes leads to less internal focus rather than more, instead keep them in a half-closed position and let your gaze become unfocused. You can do this Daoist meditation whenever you feel the need to recharge or detoxify your system , though if you do it at night, be sure to direct the energy to your lower abdomen and not into your head when you finish, or you may have trouble sleeping.

Many people find it very difficult to enter a deep state of meditation because their mind is so full of thoughts, which lead to other thoughts, which lead to others, and so on and on. It can be helpful to count your breaths from one to ten, concentrating fully on each count. Then, once you reach ten, go back and start over again. In fact, it is just about impossible to completely still the mind.

But even a few moments of deep meditation can have great effects on your mind-body system. Unlike some other forms of meditation, which are solely for the purpose of quieting the mind, Daoist meditation seeks to quiet the mind so that it will be out of the way and the chi can move in its own fashion. Daoist meditation masters created moving meditation forms, such as tai chi, that allow people to move in a slow and flowing meditative state, which, in turn, allows the chi in their bodies to move on its own. It is also how we find our deep connection with the eternal.

The more we dwell within that state in meditation, the easier it is for it to carry over into the rest of our lives. This refinement process has many levels — psychological, emotional, and spiritual. It is also concerned with the internal process of refining our jing, or fundamental energy, into chi, then refining that into pure spiritual energy, or shen, and then transforming that back into Tao. It is a slow process, taking many years of serious practice to fully accomplish. But there are many helpful results that occur along the way, making the practice itself a rewarding and educational process.

It is an ancient and well-known fact that we can lead energy the tao of intimacy and ecstasy in our body with our minds. There is even a relatively new branch of Western medicine called psychoneuroimmunology, which means basically the same thing. For example, patients with tumors are taught to send little white knights or Pac-Man-type creatures to defeat or eat up the rampaging cancer cells in their body, often to great effect. If we allow ourselves to be knocked off our emotional or psychological center too easily, we will have a difficult time adjusting to the ups and downs that happen even in the most harmonious relationships.

Then if in our relationship life we are knocked off our center, we have a way to find it again.

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Be careful how you re-enter the world after deep Daoist meditation. Try not to jump right into your workaday world immediately. Take at least three to five minutes to gather your energy. If you can, sit down and drink a cup of tea, or do some gentle stretching. Avoid talking with other people too soon. You will be in a heightened and extremely sensitive state at this time; if you plunge too quickly into your everyday life or if you encounter a tense situation or energy exchange with someone else, you will feel it very deeply and be easily knocked off balance.

So take it easy with yourself, like the cat who stretches fully and yawns deeply a few times before slowly entering the outer world on her own terms. Taoist meditation is designed for building vital energy and then circulating that within the body. Much of what we know today as the meridian system, which is used in Chinese medicine and chi gong practice, was mapped by those inner astronauts, the ancient Taoists, who while sitting in deep meditation, were able to track how and where energy moved in their bodies.

When I was a kid, I had a model called the Visible Man; it was a human body with clear skin, which enabled me to see all the inner organs. The ancient Taoists had their own form of Visible Man because they were able to open, with their inner vision, windows into their own bodies and see how they worked, all without the aid of dissection. Lao Tzu says that:. Using our inner vision , we are better able to see our true path in life, to travel through the wilds of our emotional landscape, and to traverse the deep rivers and ravines of our inner being and arrive back home, back at our eternal source, back at Tao.

We can also utilize the power of quietude and stillness in Daoist meditation to hear the inspiration and guidance of our higher self or our guardian or helping spirits. Taoists, like Native Americans and many other peoples, believe that we are surrounded by helpful spirit guides at all times, though these spirits are very hard to hear above the usual symphony of noise that plays in our heads most of the time. Under Golden Pond Meditation Tao may be likened to a great pool of still water, deep, dark, and eternally calm.