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With an international film competition, each year the festival showcase the latest films around nature, wildlife and the environment, honouring the best among them with prestigious awards. NaturVision brings the beauty of nature to the big screen, shows the vulnerability of our world, and reports on new and promising solutions for environmental issues. NaturVision stands for the art of film, sustainability and future-proof development with unforgettable film images, emotional moments and critical information.

The festival attracts many visitors from the industry, as directors, editors and other media representatives. Their interaction with the public and each other enriches the event no end! Accredited visitors get access to workshops and other events, all film showings which are part of the festival and all events for trade visitors. Program - download here. One World in safe proximity! LineUp of German productions and co-productions competition documentary. From March , the festival will unspool with an ambitious programme of films , debates, conferences, concerts, art exhibitions, VR installations and parties.

The open wounds leave behind or the present covers up like snow. Numerous films in the programme pursue an archaeological agenda. They open the surface and remove layer after layer in order to come to a beginning. To reconstruct one's own family history, as Thomas Heise does in his new film, which tells the lives of his relatives along the lines of historical upheavals. Or Andreas Goldstein, who digs for his father, also to better understand himself.

It's about identity and regaining the power of interpretation over one's own history.

German Images of the Self and the Other

Sometimes the sovereignty of interpretation also becomes a new story - as in the Macedonian capital Skopje, where an ancient centre without any historical reference is created. History as the present. Without layers. The program as PDF - German only. The films will screen theatrically in 13 cities nationwide starting December 31, through January 21, One hundred sixty-six films were originally submitted in the category.

Members of the Documentary Branch vote to determine the shortlist and the nominees:. Talal Derki posted: Yeeeees we made it to the Oscar shortlist for the best documentary award, this moment is pure happiness for me and I want to share it with the team of the film, and everyone who supported us and votes for us to get this big achievement, Heba Khaled, Tobias N. Cay Wesnigk from AG DOK board is in charge of the moderation of the panel discussion with representatives of international film festivals in Germany. Date: Friday, January 25, followed by the German Reception in the evening. Representatives of successful projects have the opportunity to pitch to a panel of selected professionals.

One of them is an introduction to ARTEs new Grand d'accord Documentary Format and a panel on coproducing between France and Germany, where also some case studies will be presented on Thursday January 24, The selections include all screen and writing formats, both in and out of competition: short, mid- or feature-length individual films and series including this LineUp of German documentary productions and co-productions. Below you will find the until Jan 1, confirmed selection of German documentary productions and co-productions for IFFR in this section:.

More info: www. The festival organizing committee gathered 60 experts who specialize in production management, film study, film production, theatre distribution, media review, and documentary industries to launch first-round selection. By showcasing the selected projects and completed films of high quality to the audience and potential funders and buyers, GZDOC has stimulated the international cooperation.

Meet German producers there. In addition to the festival, IDFA has developed several professional activities, contributing to the development of filmmakers and their films at all stages. In this almost fairy-tale-like film, the phenomenal, dreamlike camerawork centers almost entirely on the subtle interaction between two dogs, as they play with a ball, a stick, a stone, and each other. This year's Feature-Length competition includes 12 titles by established filmmakers, and is characterized by a diversity of styles and forms.

The First Appearance competition showcases emerging filmmakers who pour everything into their debut film. In the Dutch competition , award-winning filmmakers criss-cross with promising new talent.

Benedict Cumberbatch – Seite 5 –

Beyond the competitions, IDFA DocLab Spotlight presents documentary art from across many disciplines, embracing surprising new talent and exceptional research projects. Meanwhile, our new focus program Serialized explores the omnipresent serial format, and the place it occupies within documentary film art.

Read all the details here. Luminous is offering up the gravity of personal experience as a window into contemporary society. These documentaries are character-, story- or author-driven, and make the universal tangible through the individual. The program showcases prize-winners, public favorites, and high-profile titles from the past year.

Paradocs moves between film and art. IDFA Forum - the international documentary co-financing and co-production market takes place November The Rough Cut Screenings take place on November 18 and will be followed by three days of pitches and meetings. The 61st International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film from October 29 to November 4, presents a grand total of great films from 50 different countries in different sections.

Werner Herzog is without a doubt among the most influential German filmmakers in the history of cinema. Over the course of his career as a director, he has made more than 60 documentary and feature films. Each meeting, carefully curated, should open doors to new possibilities, creative partnerships, and inspiration. The prize, honouring an outstanding documentary film project from Central or Eastern Europe, will be awarded during the 14th edition of the DOK Co-Pro Market, which is to take place at the beginning of the festival on 29th and 30th October.

The prize comprising financial support as well as assistance to further develop the project for one year, goes to We Are Inside by Farah Kassem. Eva-Maria Stange is the patron of the prize. Last but not least we recommend the event of the German Documentary Association. But although men and women pay equal taxes and radio contributions, it is mainly men who benefit from the awarding of contracts.

Several studies in recent years have shown that in the fiction sector, both in cinema and on television, the majority of directorial commissions go to men. But what about the documentary sector? The Filmladen Kassel — an organization which is nationally acclaimed for its engaged work in cinema every year — is the organizer of the festival. The film program , which includes short and feature documentary films and artistic- experimental productions, is the center piece of the festival. During the six festival days about films are shown.

The Golden Key, worth 2, Euros, for the most impressive short documentary by an up-and-coming filmmaker, which is supported by the city of Kassel, goes to Agnes Lisa Wegner for her film No Fucking Ice Cream. The Golden Hercules honors the best cinematic production from Northern Hesse.

LineUp German documentary productions and co-productions:. Of equal importance, however, are the independent movies from all over the world that make up roughly half the program consisting of odd feature films, documentaries and shorts. The focus is on humanity, in all of its facets — as an emotional, vulnerable individual and as a political, self-important resident of a planet whose rapid social and ecological developments are questioned. These observations are made within the intimate framework of the family structure as well as in a comprehensive, global context. Co-Production with Germany — myth and reality.

The participants were hoping that the pitching forum in Perm would now become a regular institution and that contact with colleagues in Western Europe, as well as with each other, would be intensified and the chances of new co-productions being created increased. Sixteen participants were optimistic that they had found a potential co-producer at the debriefing. Confirmed companies among others are. Its primary goal is to promote collaborations between Israeli filmmakers and their counterparts abroad. CoPro has revolutionized the scope of international co-productions of Israeli documentaries and increases the sales abroad.

Some of the German producers were also involved in further co-productions with Israel.

Nationalist, Colonialist and Anti-Semitic Discourse 1871–1918

Matthew This is because we poor men climb together but there will always one who wants to climb above the others, someone who is equal to none, but who wishes to be silent among them. For what our minds do not comprehend immediately must surely be unrighteous and the work of the Devil, and it is well worth taking to heart that God's omnipotence can tolerate this and interpose His inexpressible mercy for as long as is necessary.

Because Menapius in his first Epistle boasts of his researches into the Philosopher's Stone I would have thought that he would have acted rather more humbly and not have spoken so rashly about the breadth of his knowledge. It is out of character for me to feel personal hatred towards him for that reason. God gave him an intellect to enable him to understand the error of his ways. What man does in haste he repents at leisure: perhaps Menapius had simply been too eager to believe in some fraud's imposture, something that of course has also happened to others.

As always, where Christ builds His temple the devil builds a chapel alongside, and there are false Brothers aplenty who, in the guise of great learning, seek to put themselves forward and who, in harming others, acquire great authority. Menapius might have been one such victim, so perhaps we should tell him about the Platonic Numbers, for I can scarcely credit that a true Rosicrucian could now appear in the person of such an untutored individual.

Like all intemperate judges, Menapius asks why the Brothers, confronted as they are by every turbulence within the Empire, do not come to the aid of the Christian rulers or their poor beleaguered subjects. Menapius should not be allowed to think that the Brotherhood has failed or would ever fail to meet his requirements. Every day the Brotherhood helps with teaching and moral guidance both in writing for the learned and in person and orally for the unlettered lovers of God, but it is simply not advisable at the present time that such activities should be turned in to public exhibition or a sort of fairground.

For the people are too godless: they neither wish to learn nor to be guided. If they do find something that suits them then they are just as likely to use it for purposes of sexual licence, scandal, vice and worldly pleasure as for the honour of God — yes, even to the extent of suffering the damnation of their own poor souls. Man should be god-fearing and pious, for this is a time when the roses are blossoming, and all shall be well if only we place our trust in God.

The fact that the Brothers travel hither and thither does not make them deceivers and traitors, as all their wanderings are obviously for the use and benefit of their neighbours, nor does it do any harm if they do not reveal their names or nationalities to everyone.

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A moment's reflection will confirm that it is still dangerous to do so, and in any case Menapius has himself made use of this same safety-measure that he accuses the Brothers of adopting: the two initials F. It might be the case that, in the manner of great travellers, he takes the whole world as his country, which is why he has adopted the cosmopolitan name of Menapius, though whether this is to indicate that he is a disciple of the Ancient Greek satirist Menippus or a predecessor of his I leave it to others to work out.

He himself gives nothing away, but believe me a true Brother is so frank that he would not shy away from revealing both a well-merited nickname and even his birth- name, as is well known to those who have daily conversations with the Brothers. But their identities should not be revealed unless there is an absolute need! They shall remain who they are until the time is right to identify them. Menapius thinks that the Brotherhood talks too much and too flatteringly about the Reformation, and cites as examples the art of lifting heavy weights, hydraulic engineering, crane engineering, stone-breaking, war machines, hydraulic and pneumatic machinery, the art of constructing spheres, automata, arithmetic, geometry, navigation, statuary, founding, engraving etc.

With respect I believe it is unnecessary to demonstrate that mechanics is in a far, far worse state than it was formerly. Where are truly great works now to be found, such as the immense constructive efforts of Archimedes? Who is there among hundreds of appropriately skilled people who would even dare to create such a work even if they were confident that they knew how to do it? My great creation has now been portrayed in a fragile globe'. Where is the wooden flying dove of Archytes of Tarentum? Who nowadays has the brains of a Roger Bacon or an Albertus Magnus?

And I shall pass over in silence the ever-burning lamps, perpetual motion and many other similar things, the discoverers of which did all the hard initial work and then elaborated them without the benefit of pre-examined fundamentals in order to achieve honour, to contribute to society and to stir the blood. What is there really in modern arithmetic? Is not a great deal still hidden in algebra? Who knows of anyone today who can manipulate numbers the way Pythagoras did to achieve awareness of God?

Who knows the correct way of playing Rithomachy [a type of chess]?

MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA PS4 Pro #133 - Bruder & Schwester - Let's Play Deutsch German

Who understands the use and composition of the Pythagorean wheel, regarding which so much sophistical deception has been produced in huge volumes with titles like Nomandia, as witness Dr. Robert Fludd in his Apologia contra Libavium? In music we have many delightful melodies to be sure, but where among them is still to be found the lofty and wonderful consonance and musical harmony of all creatures — righteous, true, primordial and implanted by God in nature and all things — from which Sympathy and Antipathy can be learned and with which so many incredible things can be done?

In geometry is not the squaring of the circle, or the proportion of a straight line to a curve, or the division of angles into unequal parts and many other things besides not completely unknown at the present time — indeed many hundreds of things if you really seek them out, things that have often been forgivably boasted about? As for navigation, does Menapius, if he really has travelled as far by sea as by land, understand the nature of the magnet, and can he explain the real reason for declination and inclination?

But it does not follow that their fields of study cannot be improved upon, and that everyone has certain shortcomings or deficiencies which posterity must rectify. And as Menapius himself acknowledges, you can be as learned and as experienced as you like but you shoudl always remember that the greatest part of your knowledge is the smallest part of that which you have yet to learn. Every day we see new things being invented and discovered which man never before conceived of, or improvements being made to existing things.

But no one should think that these are the very best things that could ever exist, for if we believed that then we would certainly fall into an infamous mode of life. For through assiduous speculation we can bring even great things into being. Is not astronomy in the highest state of imperfection, is astrology indeed not in a state of corruption, are chronology and time-keeping not imprecise? Is not physics, as regards experimentation, quite meagre?

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Is not ethics, as regards practice, a rara avis? Is not politics deeply mistrusted? If a person can be like a weather-vane, turning this way and that just to suit himself — what they call a political dunderhead — then surely law and justice will disintegrate, and justice will be replaced by cunning? What does Medicine really consist of? Is it not really quite conjectural and uncertain?

Have not medical treatments been vainly polluted with the arts of vagabonds, charlatans and old wives, not to mention the Universal Medicine, regarding which it can be said: 'As regards words, many have been said by many, and as regards deeds, nothing has been achieved by most'. Is not some form of rectification therefore required? Does the dilapidated temple of Pallas Athene not need rebuilding? But how does he know that? Who told him that the promises made by the Brotherhood are contrary to God and nature, since he himself acknowledges that nature still conceals a great deal.

I shall not consider here the value of the works of such as Cornelius Agrippa, Johann Trithemius and Pietro d'Albano, even though I know for certain that they conceal much in the form of necromancy, and yet are in and of themselves purely natural and not in the slightest bit contrary to God, especially those of Trithemius who, even so, must be regarded as an obvious magician. So what kind of novel and incomprehensible profession is Menapius telling me about? Is it perhaps the mouse-ology imparted to the physician in Wetzlar?

There are a hundred secrets more incredible than this mouse-ology and yet perfectly feasible. He who understands the Great Book of Nature with all its seals and characters imprinted by God, who meditates upon the Universal Spirit of the World, who contemplates in deep reverence the origin and continuation of all creatures, and who reflects upon his own power, as upon all wisdom, yes upon God Himself within him, will certainly encounters things that Menapius considers impossible. It can only follow, as F.

God created all these things for man to use as a heart over him thereby to recognise his godly wealth and omnipotence, and to praise, honour and thank Him for it. But everyone wants to accumulate and demand these things in the good times and with little effort, danger and work, and whereas thitherto they have set up God before them and sought Him, and give themselves up to Him, now no one wants to dig deep, to seek and to find'.

If only we would dare to open our mouths and allow the baked doves to fly into them that would be a gentle art, and the person behind the oven might well become a rich man. But since one has to make some sort of effort no one is at home and everyone thinks 'I want to stick, as the Spanish are reputed to do, with the old thing, which up to now we carried in the sack'.

Can he really not picture to himself this mouse-invitation? In that case, what does he think of the other invitation? Once again, the Brothers do not promise the impossible: it is not a question of just talking but of substantiating. I would like to bet that Dr. Molther's plausible account is as close to the truth as the unproven and bad-tempered pronouncements of Menapius.

Let it be shown that the five texts by the Brotherhood quote sophistically and sycophantically. Had these works not even mentioned the Bible and remained completely silent about the spiritual ergon then they would certainly have been unrighteous and godless, but since they urge you first to seek the Kingdom of God and seek rebirth in Christ they must be Anabaptists, godless vagabonds, traitors or, indeed, the Devil himself!

Who can make any sense of this? They say the holy word of God should be recommended to man before all things, they are not unduly attached to the dead-letter which, after all, gives rise to all kinds of quarrels and divisions but instead see with the eyes of the understanding — purely, passively — into the eternal, unique and true Book of Life, in which are concealed all the arts, sciences and things that are impossible for human understanding to grasp. For what is science if it never departs from the written word?

Paracelsus, in his Secretum Magicum, writes that heathen texts, since they should not be seen as lying at the foundations of Nature or capable of serving as a guide to her, should be considered worthless and consigned to the flames, whilst the greatest book of all, Wisdom, which flows from the unique spirit of God, should be sought out from the centre of Nature. For in this book lie the foundations of Nature, and the truth and awareness of all things, which must only be sought from God by means of humble prayer, as Christ taught us: 'But seek ye first the kingdom of God' [St.

Matthew ] and 'If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him' [James ], for there the source of all wisdom is to be found. If you take the trouble to read the writings of Paracelsus you will see for yourself what he believed about God and His word. I find it impossible to believe that he ever said that 'if God won't help, then the Devil will', a statement that Menapius imputes to him and which he uses as raw material in his tiresome arguments.

What I do know is that in his philosophical treatise De Sanctorum Beneficiis et Vindictis Paracelsus asks, 'What should a military commander do who if he does not draw his strength from God? He says much the same in his first Defensio: 'I want to defend myself against the allegations surrounding my supply to the preseent monarch of a completely new medicine.

People ask me, 'Who taught you how to make that? From Him flows the basis of truth, and whatever does not proceed from Him is Temptation. The Devil is the master of a thousand arts, in whom many false signs and prodigies are concealed. He never takes a holiday. Like a roaring lion he pursues us so that he can brand both ourselves and the Christ as liars'.

How exactly can we reconcile these statements with the picture of Paracelsus that Menapius provides? It is well known that Paracelsus had many envious and unruly disciples regarding which he once said that some had been lucky to escape the hangman's rope and they may perhaps have added a great many additional details to the historical record. It is also possible that, in anger, Paracelsus let certain things slip due to his coarse rustic nature though I must admit I find that hard to believe for he was after all just a man and not a creature of angelic purity.

And what does he have to say about magical incantations in his Philosophia Occulta? Does he not say that such incantations are against God, against His Word and Law, and against the Light of Nature, and are the suspect soil of the damned upon which no man should ever set his foot, but which the magistracy should suppress and punish with the greatest severity? We should not despise this power, for nothing is ever created without a purpose, not even the humblest dung-beetle. Scholarship Search Loading…. News Goodbye message from Ivan I bid you auf Wiedersehen!

Goodbye message from Ivan I bid you auf Wiedersehen! July DAAD Indonesia Setelah kurang lebih 16 tahun bergabung dalam tim DAAD Jakarta sebagai kepala administrasi, pada tanggal 30 Juni lalu, Ibu Brigitte Gerlach harus mengakhiri masa kerjanya memasuki masa pensiun. Nah, sudi kiranya teman-teman DAAD mengucapkan kata-kata perpisahan untuk beliau di kolom komen di bawah.

June Untuk keempat kalinya di Indonesia, sebuah kompetisi bertaraf internasional Falling Walls Lab diadakan kembali di Jakarta pada tanggal 12 September mendatang. Menangkan satu tiket pesawat ke Berlin pada awal November mendatang!

Fr. Hans Kung says Francis responded to request for free discussion on infallibility dogma

Falling Walls Lab adalah sebuah kompetisi yang terbuka untuk umum, baik dari segi usia maupun latar belakang pendidikan atau pekerjaan. Dari mahasiswa S1 sampai dengan Postdocs, dari dosen sampai seorang pengusaha, diperkenankan untuk mengikuti kompetisi ini.

Kami hanya menerapkan batas minimal ijazah Anda, yaitu: - Jika jenjang pendidikan terakhir Anda adalah S1, maka ijazah tidak boleh lebih lama dari 10 tahun - Jika jenjang pendidikan terakhir Anda adalah S2, maka ijazah tidak boleh lebih lama dari 7 tahun - Jika jenjang pendidikan terakhir Anda adalah S3, maka ijazah tidak boleh lebih lama dari 5 tahun Pada kompetisi ini, para peserta ditugaskan memberikan presentasi proyek riset, rencana bisnis atau bisnis yang sedang berjalan atau inisiatif sosial yang kiranya sangat menarik dan bermanfaat bagi masyarakat hanya dalam waktu 3 menit dan hanya dengan 3 halaman slide presentasi Power Point.

Juara pertama akan mendapatkan hadiah sebuah tiket pesawat terbang ke Berlin untuk dapat mengikuti final Falling Walls Lab melawan para juara dari negara lainnya, selain itu juga akan mengikuti sebuah konferensi yang dihadiri oleh tokoh-tokoh ternama dunia. Segera daftarkan diri Anda secara online di www. Batas akhir pendaftaran adalah tanggal 18 Agustus Mulai tanggal 25 Juni, website alamat website Study in Germany berubah menjadi www. Informasi mengenai universitas-universitas di Jerman, langkah apa saja yang diperlukan jika ingin kuliah di Jerman, dan hal-hal penting lainnya bisa teman-teman temukan disini.

Acara ini dihadiri oleh kurang lebih peserta yang terdiri dari para ekspert dari Eropa, para perwakilan kementrian pendidikan tinggi dari ASEAN dan perwakilan beberapa universitas dari Indonesia. Menristekdikti, Prof. Mohamad Nasir, membuka seminar ini tadi pagi. Selama dua minggu dari tanggal 24 Juni hingga 10 Juli , 12 orang dosen dan 30 mahasiswa program studi Bahasa Jerman yang berasal dari kawasan Asia Tenggara tepatnya Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Filipina, Thailand, dan Vietnam berkumpul dalam kegiatan Universitas Musim Panas yang ke Tujuan acara ini adalah untuk memberikan kesempatan kepada peserta terpilih untuk mendalami bahasa, sastra dan budaya Jerman.

Universitas Musim Panas Summer University untuk Germanistik se-Asia Tenggara ini telah diadakan sejak tahun , dilaksanakan setiap dua tahun sekali dengan mengambil tempat yang berbeda. Universitas Padjadjaran menjadi universitas pertama yang tidak berada di ibu kota yang menjadi penyelenggara kegiatan tingkat regional Asia Tenggara ini. Untuk itu, Dr.

Foto: Ketika acara welcoming dinner tadi malam. Dihadiri oleh Dr. This will also be provided if the stay is extended by up to five working days in order to allow for additional professional networking. Dates of the tour: Beasiswa ini terbuka untuk teman-teman yang memiliki latar belakang pendidikan sebelumnya di bidang sosial, politik, hukum, ekonomi dan administrasi publik. Batas akhir pendaftaran adalah 31 Juli Schwebebahn kereta gantung merupakan salah satu alat transportasi dalam kota yang sangat unik yang bisa ditemui di sebuah kota di negara bagian NRW.

Kota apakah yang dimaksud? Beberapa persyaratan utama adalah: 1. Usia ijazah S1 dikeluarkan paling lambat 6 tahun lalu. Batas usia pelamar tidak menjadi bahan pertimbangan. Memiliki pengalaman kerja minimal 2 tahun terhitung sejak lulus S1 di bidang yang sesuai dengan kuliah S1 yang telah diambil dan kuliah S2 yang akan diambil. Beasiswa ini bukan untuk mahasiswa yang baru lulus dan belum punya pengalaman kerja. Beasiswa ini tidak untuk semua jurusan. Pada website ini juga bisa teman-teman lihat bahasa pengantar, deadline pendaftaran dari masing-masing jurusan serta info cara daftar.

Semoga berhasil bagi yang akan mendaftar beasiswa ini! PS: Tidak ada beasiswa untuk S1 di Jerman. Beasiswa S3 dibuka lagi biasanya di bulan Juli atau Agustus hingga pertengahan Oktober. Guten Tag! Apa kabar teman-teman? Setelah libur lebaran, hari ini kita kembali beraktifitas seperti sedia kala. Semoga teman-teman dalam keadaan sehat dan bahagia ya. Di hari pertama kerja ini tidak bosan kami ingin menyampaikan bahwa segala informasi mengenai kuliah di Jerman ataupun beasiswa DAAD termasuk persyaratan bisa dilihat di website kami www.

Jika kalian sudah baca dan memiliki pertanyaan yang teknis, bukan pertanyaan dasar, silakan hubungi kami. May Christian Rabl membekali informasi penting kepada mereka seperti fakta tentang negara Jerman, situasi dan kondisi budaya, transportasi, dsb. Saat ini sepuluh muda-mudi Aceh ini sedang mengikuti les bahasa Jerman program super intensif di Goethe-Institut Jakarta selama 1 bulan, dari hari Senin hingga Jumat. Meskipun bahasa yang akan digunakan di kampus adalah bahasa Inggris, tapi kemampuan dasar bahasa Jerman tetap diperlukan agar dapat mempermudah proses adaptasi dan komunikasi diluar lingkungan kampus.

Menurut teman-teman, is it possible or impossible to enjoy yourself in Germany? Kami ingin mengingatkan lagi bahwa jadwal konsultasi hari Kamis, 23 Mei kami tiadakan karena kami akan mengadakan pertemuan dengan tiga orang research ambassadors yang berasal dari Aceh, Makassar dan Surabaya. Terima kasih atas perhatiannya. Teman-teman yang ingin kuliah di Jerman kami sarankan untuk membaca informasi-informasi yang kami siapkan di website kami. Alumniportal Deutschland APD adalah sebuah media sosial yang tercipta atas dukungan pemerintah Jerman dan dirancang bagi para alumni Jerman.

APD menawarkan penggunanya kesempatan untuk menjalin hubungan atau kontak dengan rekan-rekan sesama alumni Jerman yang berasal dari seluruh dunia serta dengan perusahaan-perusahaan. Tentu saja masih banyak hal lain yang ditawarkan oleh APD. Jika kamu adalah alumni Jerman, silakan daftarkan diri Anda di www. Nong Lam University adalah salah satu universitas terkemuka di Vietnam yang terletak di kota Ho Chi Minh yang didirikan pada tahun Advance Program on Food Technology adalah program khusus dengan Bahasa Inggris sebagai bahasa pengantar untuk semua proses pembelajaran dan dilaksanakan dengan menggunakan standar pembelajaran yang ditetapkan oleh University of California, Davis US Davis Amerika Serikat.

Sebagai invited lecturer, Dr. Condro harus menyampaikan materi pembelajaran yang sesuai dengan silabus, pada program reguler materi tersebut disampaikan selama satu semester. Beliau melaksanakan kegiatan tersebut pada tanggal 1 sampai dengan 5 April Kisah lengkap bisa dibaca di www.

Sumber: Dr. Condro Wibowo. Brosur-brosur mengenai kuliah dan riset di Jerman tidak hanya bisa teman-teman ambil di kantor kami, namun juga bisa teman-teman download di website DAAD pusat.