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Here's how the first life stage is described:. Imagine you are someone small hidden in a tiny egg growing bigger growing darker Colorful photographs and illustrations enhance the information provided in this butterfly book. While it does have information about the life stages of butterflies, it also has much more. It discusses the migration of butterflies and illustrates the migratory paths on world maps, explaining what migration means and why animals - and butterflies - migrate.

A glossary is provided at the end of the book, helping children learn some new terminology.

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This book is full of information and illustrations. It covers the life cycle of butterflies and moths, life cycles that are quite similar. It also explains the other similarities between the two creatures and discusses their differences as well. Children will learn the different parts of butterflies and moths, too.

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Everything is illustrated in colorful and detailed drawings. Each butterfly and moth are different - and so are their eggs, which readers will see from the illustrations. This book is for older children, but younger children and even adults who are fascinated by butterflies will certainly enjoy this book.

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It provides illustrations of species of butterflies and moths with advice on how to identify them. It also explains how to attract, rear, and preserve them. With all that, it makes an ideal guide that can be carried around outside as a reference. This book is for the real butterfly lover, the one who knows butterfly basics but wants to learn more and do more.

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Sure, the book goes over the basics, too, how a butterfly transforms from egg to butterfly. But it does so much more. It covers some myths about butterflies like the one that says touching a butterfly will rub the powder off its wings and cause it to die. Yes, that's a myth. The book also provides details on how to attract, catch, handle, and raise butterflies. And that's not all! There are 15 different projects and activities described, including how to hand-feed a butterfly and create a live butterfly-tree.

The information and projects are enhanced with lovely photos and illustrations. Ages 10 and up. This is a great book for butterfly lovers. It has loads of detailed information about the life cycle of butterflies, including not just the transformation from egg to adult, but also information on behavior. It even includes information on how butterflies lay their eggs and descriptions of the "architecture" of eggs.

Discussions include camouflaging "strategies" of the chrysalis. E-Commerce Content is independent of editorial content and we may receive compensation in connection with your purchase of products via links on this page.

Get diet and wellness tips to help your kids stay healthy and happy. There was an error. This would also be a great resource for reports for older children. National Geographic Readers: Caterpillar to Butterfly. This is a very informative book for kids about the life cycle of butterflies.

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I finally found that info on the internet. Caterpillar to Butterfly Science for Toddlers. I bought this book for my son when I gave him his butterfly habitat. The pictures were well detailed and the book was not to complicated for my 4yr old to understand. It was also very helpful to use in my classroom while doing our butterfly unit. My 8 year old granddaughter wanted a butterfly book, found this one and she loved it.

Perfect for beginners or forever! I have always thought that the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly is just amazing. In this story, a butterfly flits from flower to flower and looks for a leaf where she can lay her eggs. The photography is stunning and you can actually see the caterpillar growing inside the egg. Once the caterpillar hatches, she eats and eats and eats. As the caterpillar gets bigger and bigger, she sheds her skin until finally she looks for a sturdy leaf and hangs upside down.

The outside skin turns hard and inside, she is turning into a beautiful creature. One day the chrysalis splits open and a new butterfly emerges to dry in the sunshine. On the last page, there is a picture word list and your child can sign and date the back cover to remind them of their accomplishment when they are able to completely read this book on their own.

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Available for download now. Appearances that can be very deceiving to years of age and even for those older can be deceived into being like Little Ant, so anyone could learn this same lesson at some point in their lives, yes? Beautiful images too. So, I wish to recommend this though for five stars and for kids ages I this for free and in return, here's my honest review. Super job S.

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See All Buying Options. This is a great teacher's book for many elementary ages, and very colorful. Just a note when ordering this publication - it is a small book, about 5" x 7", not fullsized that would make it better for kids in a group to see and follow the content. A World Of Butterflies. I bought this for my brother for a gift and it was a smashing success.

He loves it and his friend who is an avid photographer and has captured some wonderful butterfly nature photos is extremely jealous. Lovely book. Only 10 left in stock - order soon. Latimer and Karen Stray Nolting, is a beautiful and informative guide to this fascinating family of insects.