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Your article is not your dissertation in synopsis or a preview of your upcoming book. Significant contributions to scholarship can be minute and still have impact. It can be incremental. What do you want your reader to remember the most? Hint: this is likely your contribution to the field. Conclusions are not just summaries. What brief notes would you make if reading your own article? Again, be honest. The majority of articles receive a decision of revise and resubmit RR or rejection.

Try not to take it personally. Both readers have given you detailed and careful feedback. Contrary to popular belief about the dreaded Reader B, in my experience the vast majority of peer-review reports are sent with the intention of moving scholarship along. I wish more people could see the effort and generous spirit many colleagues put into their reports, reports that are often only viewed by the editor and the writer.

Sharing this generosity is actually the best part of being an editor.

How Does Warfarin Work?

You are welcome to request that your article not go back to Reader B upon resubmission. My previous point notwithstanding, not all readers are wonderful. Reports are advice to the author, not nonnegotiable instructions. Peer readers are well-qualified experts, to be sure, but they have spent hours with the work that you have spent months or years on. Mainly, they are signaling places of confusion, contradiction, omission or points that need clarification or elaboration. Do not completely rewrite according to the recommendations of a single report and in the process lose your own voice.

Your name is on the article, not the name of the anonymous reviewer. You have to stand by it. Upon resubmission, if RR, I recommend including a letter to the editor noting the changes you have made, listing the suggestions you have taken up and explaining the ones you have chosen not to engage. If a reviewer suggests reading something, you must read it.

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The recommendation signals that they think you are missing a key part of the conversation. You have to listen. Everything we do is a work in progress. If your article is accepted, you still have to work with the editor to polish and tighten it.

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This will take many hours. If it is RR, then breathe deeply and dig in to the reports. If rejected, read the reports and try to find the valuable suggestions for improvement before submitting elsewhere. Early in my career, I put an article in a drawer after a stinging decision and time passed. It is still not published, and I regret that. This article has been adapted from an editorial in Canadian Literature Be the first to know.

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UNHhhh ep 15: "Health & Fitness Pt 1" with Trixie Mattel & Katya Zamolodchikova

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Prime Day 12222: All the early deals and a new Whole Foods offer

You will no longer have access to your profile. Google Tag Manager. Advertise About Contact Subscribe. Career Advice. Print This. By Laura Moss. May 15, Before Submission No. The Article Itself No. Avoid theme spotting. Enough said. After the Report No. Read more by Laura Moss. Want to advertise? Click here. College Pages. Subscribe for free today. Featured college pages. Popular Right Now Faculty members need to reassert themselves as the people who direct discourse on campuses opinion A tenured professor asks: Are you scared of your students?

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    My advice is to look at the options and create your own process. Working for companies with no process will make life tough. I did this for a UX contract when I started, and it was no fun. A mature UX business will give you a great start to your UX career. In-person classes You can study online or in class.

    For in-class study, General Assembly is a great option. You can either do a full-time program over 12 week of part time over a similar period. If you have little experience in digital, do the full-time immersive course.

    A Patient's Guide to Taking Warfarin | American Heart Association

    My advice is to do a course with a mentor. Bloc : Intensive UX training with a mentor Study: 1. Study: Between 5—10 weeks at 3—7 hour per week. Lynda : Advance your UX design skills Study: 10 hours in your own time. Open to Study : User experience for the web Study: 4 weeks at 2—4 hours per week.

    Springboard : Learn UX design with a mentor Study: roughly 3 months at 12 hours per week. The Leftbank : Information architecture and UX Study: 10 weeks access with a total of 80 hours study. Treehouse : UX basics Study: 2 hours. Udacity : Product design course by Google Study: the average time taken is 2 months. Udacity : Intro to the design of everyday things with Dion Norman Study: the average time taken is 2 weeks while. Udemy : UX design fundamentals Study: 12 hours at your own pace. The point of studying UX design is to get your head around it.

    No case studies means no portfolio. Tip: When doing case studies, make sure to take lots of photos of each stage. This will make your life much easier when you build your portfolio. Pick up a pencil or pen, some paper, and start doodling. Sketching is an important part of UX design. You need to get in the habit of sketching out ideas, app or web screens, and customer journeys.

    Sketching allows you to ideate at speed. The Napkin Academy is a great way to start your journey in sketching your ideas. Sketch is the tool for UX designers. Go online and take some lessons. There are many opinions on how UX designers should show their work. PDF document This can be a straight forward way to do your first portfolio. You avoid focusing too much time on the technical side of the portfolio and more on the content and the UX.

    You can design it in Sketch and it can be done in A4 pages. These can then be sent as a PDF to any potential employer, which they can easily print. Medium There are people who have published their case studies as a Medium post. This option is very easy to do—and it means you can concentrate on the content and not too much on the visuals. Squarespace Squarespace has great website portfolio templates you can use off the shelf. A bit of thought is required, but the results can be impressive.

    Related: Go inside design at Squarespace. Like Squarespace, Dunked has portfolio website templates where you can add your content without too much trouble. The best portfolios show pride, not just proof ; tell a story not a catalog; illustrate process not just a passion. People will most likely check out your LinkedIn profile. Keep it to the point by highlighting the main parts of your resume.