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Increase storage for longer-form projects as needed. Group 2: Mac Pro 2. Switch to a fault-tolerant G-Tech G-Speed 1. Group 3: Mac Pro 2. Bump up to 3. Bonus round: the hybrid, best bang for the buck, indie filmmaker build. Mac Pro 2. With some additional software, you could edit and finish a bit feature with this system if you wanted to. I hope this information helps you get started. Remember to check all the details before you buy: this stuff changes rapidly. Speaking about metrics, sometimes you hear lyrical missteps that make your favorite rappers wish they could go back in time and rewrite their rhymes.

Carter And, Jay-Z skipped his Geography class. And you say Kanye doesn't deserve to have his image displayed next to the word 'genius' in Webster's Dictionary? These guys graduated from the prestigious Vanilla Ice Institute of Hip-Hop and decided to try their hands at random word association. Let Parlae hit, together we like twin towers. Enough said. We got forty-eight, which mean a whole lot of cream Divide the profit by four, subtract it by eight We back to sixteen My glock cocked when I'm crawling.

What's next? I watch my ears when I'm hearing, I watch my sight when I'm seeing? What follows is a list of ten rap songs that will either tug at your heartstrings or cause you to reminisce this Valentine's Day that's good for making ladies appreciate rap! With his nasal flow and soothing delivery, Q-Tip spills poetic excerpts, masterfully pausing between lines for ardor.

Although Jay's defiant persona is alive here instead of shedding the tears himself, he makes the song cry , he's sentimental enough to concede being called "ugly" by the gold-digging female in this story. DJ Honda feat. The result is a lush mix of harmonic samples and a cool street hip-hop drum track. Mos takes advantage of the shimmering production, as he seamlessly seesaws between rapping and singing about this journey called life.

De La Soul - "Eye Know" This jazzyfied hip-hop crew was the first to rhyme about daisies and dames and make it sound, oh so sweet. De La's candy-coated musings over lush soulful samples notably from Otis Redding's " Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay" made it trendy to declare sweet affection for that "special person" without losing credibility.

Ghostface feat. Mary J. Blige - "All That I Got Is You" Ditching the conventional bar structure for a long-running verse, Ghost drops genuinely emotional lyrics about crashing in a congested apartment with his mom and plucking roaches out of cereal boxes. No hard-hitting drums, no anti-swine-eating vignettes. Just Mary J. Blige's tear-jerk crooning and GFK's emotion-laden words.

Shakur's soulful lyrics make "Dear Mama" a sentimental hip-hop masterpiece. Ultimately, "Set Adrift on Memory Bliss" is about releasing old attachments and reliving them in one's memory. Shimmering cymbals. Soulful samples. You just know it's Pete Rock's unmistakable craftsmanship. On the other end, C. Smooth channels controlled emotion through the mic on this funeral favorite. Even though C. Rakim 47 - Fast Lane - Bilal ft. Jadakiss and Dr.

Dre 46 - Karma - Lloyd Banks ft. Avant 45 - Thugz Mansion - 2Pac ft. Blige ft. Styles P. Lil' Kim 36 - We Ride - R. Sisqo 26 - Fiesta Remix - R. Blige 9 - Can't Deny It - Fabolous ft. Kelly ft. Thou shalt not give tests in game development courses, nor be dogmatic in thy doctrine, for even thou knowest not all. They should be using their creative and analytical skills, not their memorization skills. This raises a fundamental question about the nature of the work itself. Unfortunately, websites persist in categorizing news about video games under Technology rather than Entertainment.

Programming is a form of engineering, and in some forms of engineering tests are appropriate. Knowing the names of terms in game design is the least important thing about game design. The one exception I can think of might be in some kind of history of interactivity course — but even then, an essay would be more appropriate than a test. Thou shalt reward precision and punish hand-waving, for the Lord loveth it not. In my game design workshops, I ask people to think of the actions that an avatar character will perform.

It is imperative that your students understand that hand-waving will not do in a commercial environment. To get a product finished and out the door, they must be specific. Making that commitment means limiting the game, and the problem is, these guys are mesmerized by the boundless potential of the medium. If they were sculptors, they would sit all day, staring at the uncarved block of stone, spellbound by the infinity of beautiful sculptures that it potentially contains.

But the fact is, making a sculpture requires commitment to a final result, to an actuality rather than a potentiality.

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And creating a game requires commitment to limits on the game, because almost every game is a simplification of something else. If you were the greatest real estate agent in the world, who knew everything there was to know about property, you might find it hard to pare down the details of the business to the simple essentials of Monopoly. But you have to do it. Or who does far too much research.

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When they do this, it almost always happens at the expense of something else. As instructors, I encourage you to reward precision and punish hand-waving. If your BA degree is aimed at teaching people to make commercial video games, then gameplay comes first, period. In every genre of commercial game, players buy the game primarily to do things, not to look at the pictures or watch the story. Emphasizing aesthetics or story over gameplay is a distinct risk at institutions whose primary concentration is Art-with-a-capital A rather than technology or games specifically.

But they need to start with gameplay. Students often come in with an expectation that video game design is about telling linear stories. They tend to wave their hands about the actual interactivity, the puzzles, the challenges, the actions. Teach them interaction design, gameplay design, first, and only then let them worry about storytelling. Thou shalt teach not only game development, but also the history of games, the analysis of games, and the sociology of gaming.

Be sure your students understand the roots of the medium. First-year student projects nowadays often build s arcade games that are actually as good as anything we built back then. So they might as well know about those old games and learn from them. The medium is now sufficiently old that some students are younger than the games they are studying. Analysis of games is an excellent way to observe the principles of game design in practice. And, for that matter, why a failure was a failure. We build them to sell to people, and so the question is, who are those people and how and why do they play?

Relationships with industry are key to getting your students placed in jobs after they graduate, and as you know, this is one standard by which your program will be measured. Bringing them in for the students will not only drive home your points assuming that they agree with you , it will also make your students grateful to you. Bite the bullet and pay them to come and teach. You have to pursue these relationships. You have to go to them.

Industry rarely contacts higher education institutions looking for potential employees — they know all they have to do is put an ad on their website to be flooded with applicants. So instead of expecting industry to pull, you need to push. These people will need games tuned to their own cultures. I disagree. Some people might just want a Ph. This goes double for the game industry, which is very entrepreneurial. Nobody knows how many jobs there are in the game industry, because nobody knows how many indie developers there are.

Furthermore, nobody has any idea how many jobs there will be in three or four years, when the students graduate. Thou shalt require teamwork. Thou shalt teach project management, and gently discourage over-ambitious projects. From talking to industry people, teamwork experience seems to be the number one thing they want an academic game program to teach.

And the number one reason why game projects fail is lack of management skills and failures of internal communication. It is imperative that you make students work together in teams and learn how to do it efficiently. Let me talk about team sizes for a moment. Two or three programmers, two or three artists or animators, two or three designers, a writer, and a team leader.

If someone has music composition skills, that person may often be shared among several teams — which in fact mimics the situation at real companies. Team sizes at the University of Ulster are similar. Be sure the teams are big enough to include some redundancy. Above all, emphasize the importance of finishing — the need to complete and ship. The fact is, on a first-year student game development project, especially a group project, the students have been thrown in at the deep end of the pool. We learn far more from failure than from success.

But you should also punish those who do not learn from their failure, and continue to fail. Require each student to write a reflective report on the project, and to keep a project diary. They must attend the build meetings, and of course they must have actually contributed to the work. But the quality of the resulting game is not relevant. As you probably already know, you will get some students coming in who think a game degree is going to be all fun and games, what we used to call a Mickey Mouse course.

One good way to weed them out is by not allowing any game development at all in the fall semester of freshman year. In their final projects, thou shalt encourage thinking outside the box. Nobody in the industry is going to pay them to be weird. This is an art form, not civil engineering. There are good and bad design principles, but almost any design rule can be broken under certain circumstances. You will undoubtedly have to put up with some of that. A team from the University of Ulster wanted to make a game called Bathroom Buccaneers, about tiny pirate ships in a toilet bowl — along with the kinds of things one might encounter in a toilet bowl.

They did, and they ended up representing Ireland in the finals. If you want to be taken seriously, you also have to take yourself seriously — at least to some degree. Their final project is also the most important part of their portfolio. You need to offer them some freedom here, and to encourage them to express themselves to the best of their ability. But emphasize that they need to stand out from the rest of the crowd. A hiring manager is going to be looking at a stack of DVDs and they need theirs to rise above the others. Thou shalt require thy pupils to study other arts and sciences besides the craft of game development, for the ignorant developer createth only the derivative game.

Make some of art, literature, music, history, economics, anthropology, psychology, sociology, and classical physics part of the requirements. You might even consider things like military history for strategy designers; ballet, or gymnastics for animators; political science for those interested in Civilization-type games. On the other hand, European institutions may not be able to provide these things. As a result, many European universities are not actually universal at all. Because they are centrally funded by the state, they often concentrate on a few subjects to avoid duplication.

For example, the University of Ulster Magee is particularly strong in computer science and integrated systems, and nursing! In addition to basic game development courses, some universities require the following: dramaturgy, human-computer interaction, cognitive science, game analysis, hypermedia, digital culture, online cultures, and the history of games. One of the most extraordinary things about this medium is the number of fields that it draws together — even more than the movies.

It uses fields that seldom talk to each other in the context of higher education. How often do the people in the English department talk to the people in the music department? Computer science is often stuck off in the College of Engineering. Art is in the art school, while animation is probably in the film school — if there is one.

One of the hardest things about setting up a game development education program is getting all these people together, especially if there is an entrenched bureaucracy and an old guard of tenured greybeards who see video games as a frivolous waste of time. Make everybody learn to use a simple audio waveform editor. Yes, even the artists! The idea is to get them to understand what their other colleagues do.

They have to realize that they have complementary talents and they need each other. I realize that some of these may be difficult to achieve. Audio engineering is not a traditional university subject. But look for workarounds. At the Phoenix, Arizona campus of DeVry, they cooperate with the Art Institute of Phoenix so that people with art skills can come and work on their game development projects. Finally, as this is a programming-related discipline, I have in true programmer-fashion, incorporated a zeroth commandment: 0. Thou shalt NOT take an existing computer science, art, animation, media studies, English, or other program, add a game course or two to it, and call it a game program, for that is an abomination unto the Lord.

I cannot emphasize this enough. If you do this, you are doing a terrible disservice to them. I realize that I may have insulted some of you just now, but if you have reason to feel insulted, then you probably deserve it. Build your curriculum properly, from the ground up. L'uso del latte in polvere, in sostituzione a quello materno, fornito gratuitamente negli ospedali nei primi giorni di allattamento, crea nel lattante disaffezione al latte materno.

Le diciture non forniscono informazioni chiare e, in alcuni casi, lo fanno in lingue che le madri non possono capire. Brava Disney, entrata nel mirino dei " benpensanti " quando ha deciso di pagare gli assegni famigliari a tutti i dipendenti che vivono in coppia, compresi i conviventi e gli omosessuali. Tutto all'insegna della non discriminazione. Peccato che ad Haiti, a 5.

In Birmania le condizioni dei lavoratori sono ancora peggiori che ad Haiti: 6 centesimi di paga oraria, per un monte ore settimanale superiore alle sessanta. Meno di Ora siamo diventati ragazzi e adoriamo la NIKE. Nike fa finta di niente dicendo che gli stabilimenti in questione non sono suoi, ma fabbriche alle quali subappalta i lavori.

E' questa l'isterica risposta di Nike alle campagne di boicottaggio, contro questa multi dello sportswear, che chiedono la fine della produzione in fabbriche senza diritti sindacali, ed anche della fine dello sfruttamento dei bambini come operai Nike. Dal ad oggi il sindacato colombiano Sinaltrainal ha subito decine di sequestri, torture, minacce di morte, sfollamenti forzati, montature giudiziarie.

Tra il ed il in Colombia ne sono stati assassinati dai paramilitari In Colombia, nelle imprese imbottigliatrici della Cocacola, un lavoratore dipendente sindacalizzato al quale viene applicato il contratto nazionale, guadagna circa dollari al mese. Un lavoratore precario, non sindacalizzabile, viene pagato 80 dollari al mese per 12 ore di lavoro al giorno. Quando si sono ribellati la Shell ha fatto intervenire i militari nigeriani che hanno ucciso centinaia di persone.

Siamo giunti alla fine, e abbiamo dato nome e cognome a una sola morte, che sarebbe ben poca cosa di fronte a milioni di altre, se non fosse per la sua brutale ferocia. Ma ricordiamoci che Ken Saro Wiwa si rivolgeva a noi, prima di salire sul patibolo per aver difeso il suo popolo, e ricordiamoci che, pur tra le migliaia di marchi che rendono oltremodo complessa la cernita, possiamo scegliere prima di buttare qualcosa nel carrello della spesa.

Whether you're researching the habits of marine life, ancient texts or just a new way to market products, you'll likely need some funding to get your studies underway. The Internet is a great place to start looking for sources of funding, and we've put together a list here of a hundred or so places where you can get some assistance for your next big research project. General These sites are great places to start looking for funding in a wide range of fields. Foundation Center : On this site you'll find links to hundreds of charitable foundations that can be sources of funding for research of all kinds.

GrantsNet : This site allows you to search through thousands of funding opportunities in nearly all of the science and medical fields. Community of Science : The Community of Science site provides loads of resources for the world's researchers including links to funding opportunities. Chronicle of Philanthropy : This publication is focused on philanthropic groups and foundations and provides a list of grants and awards that are available.

ResearchResearch : Search through all kinds of sources of federal funding in the U. Council on Foundations : This organization represents thousands of foundations, which you can search through to see if any match your funding needs. The Grantsmanship Center : Use this site to find grants, learn to write them and more.

GrantSelect : This pay site provides an easy to search list of grants and funding options to ensure you get the assistance you need for any research project. Social and Civil Check out these sites to find financial assistance for research in social and civil issues. National Endowment for Democracy: Those working on projects that focus on bringing democracy to all areas of the world can find support through the resources supplied on this site. William T. Grant Foundation: This foundation is dedicated to research that helps improve the lives of young people, and encompasses a variety of fields.

Russell Sage Foundation: Here you will find funding that is directly exclusively at research in the social sciences. The Pew Charitable Trusts: Pew Charitable Trusts funds research in fields like the environment, health and human services, public policy, arts and culture and much more. Haynes Foundation: Check out this foundation to find funding for projects in business, economics, government, public safety and more.

Economic and Social Research Society: This society is the leading founder of research in the UK for economic and social concerns. The American Political Science Association: Here you'll find grants and fellowships that are sponsored by this political science focused organization. Social Science Research Council: This council provides fellowships to students and researchers in the social science fields exploring ideas and concepts that help to advance their chosen field. Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy: This foundation supports research in the fields of psychology, anthropology, sociology, economics, urban affairs, area studies, political science, and other socially focused disciplines.

Science and Engineering Find funding for your science or engineering research on these sites. National Science Foundation: The NSF is a government institution and provides funding for research projects for numerous science related fields. Frauenhofer Gesellschaft and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation: Researchers with their PhDs can find funding for their scientific projects through this foundation.

National Academy of Engineering: The National Academy of Engineering offers a variety of awards for study and research in the field of engineering. Animal Behavior Society: Those working on studies that involve animal behavior may be able to find some assistance from this society. Department of Energy: The Department of Energy offers numerous science-related grants and funding resources on this site. American Physical Society: If you're working on a research project in physics you may be able to find the financial assistance you need from this society. American Society for Engineering Education: Thinking of new ways to improve engineering education or the study of engineering?

You may find funding through this site. Civilian Research and Development Foundation: The grants through this foundation are awarded to those doing research that requires international collaboration and has the ultimate goal of benefiting people throughout the world. Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council: This UK based council provides funding to those working on research and development in numerous science related fields. Sigma Xi: This scientific research society provides researchers with a variety of grants which you can apply for through their website.

Health Get a little support for research on a range of health issues from these foundations and grants. National Institutes of Health: Researchers in the health fields may be able to find funding through this government sponsored institution. Whitaker Foundation: The Whitaker foundation focuses on funding biomedical engineering and awards those who have earned or will earn a PhD. Biomedical Engineering Network: This network can be a great place to look for funding on your biomedical engineering research project. American Heart Association: Those working on health issues related to improving heart health care can find funding through the AHA.

Women's Health Research Coalition: Women face many unique health issues and you can get funding to research them through this nationwide coalition. Damon Runyan Cancer Research Foundation: Get the funding you need to work on projects that can help fight cancer through this foundation. Burroughs Wellcome Fund: This fund focuses on supporting research in infectious diseases, medical sciences, laboratory sciences and science education.

Alcoholic Beverage Medical Research Foundation: Studies on the impact of alcoholic beverages can get a little financial assistance from this foundation. Alex's Lemonade Stand Young Investigator Awards: Started in honor of a young victim of cancer, awards from this group focus on helping those researching cancer cures and treatments. Department of Health and Human Services: Here you can find a list of grants offered by both government sources and other foundations. The Commonwealth Fund: This fund provides funding towards research that helps design health systems and programs that are efficient and high performance.

Arts and Humanities Those doing work in the fields of the arts and humanities can look to these sources for assistance. Arts and the Humanities Research Council: Here you'll be able to find funding for projects to do with the arts, modern languages, English literature and other specialties in the humanities.

The Getty Institute Grants: This Los Angeles based charitable foundation gives out grants to those doing research in the field of art history and historical preservation.

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National Endowment for the Arts: Check with this government-based endowment for funding in a wide range of arts-related subjects. Digital Cultures Project: Students who are willing to travel to the UC in Santa Barbara can get funding for research in how cultures functions in the digital realm. Humanities Research Institute: This UC department gives out a number of grants each year to students who are pursuing research in the humanities. National Endowment for the Humanities: You can get funding from the government to pursue your research by applying for grants and fellowships through this organization.

Institute of Museum and Library Services: Those working on projects related to library science or museum studies may be able to find grants to help them in their work through this site. James Marston Fitch Charitable Foundation: If you're conducting research that involves new methods of historic preservation or a large project to do historic preservation then check out this foundation for grant support. Hasselblad Foundation: Research projects that focus on photography, especially nature photography, may be able to find support from this foundation.

Lannan Literary Foundation: The Lannan Foundation supports projects that study the English language or create new contemporary literature. National Sculpture Society: Those involved in the study or creation of sculpture may be able to find some support for their work through this organization. Andy Warhol Foundation: This foundation is dedicated to sponsoring work that is on the cutting edge of the visual arts and has a highly experimental nature.

Behavior and Psychology Get funding for your research of the human mind from these helpful organizations. FundSource: This site provides a search tool for finding funding for research in the behavioral and social sciences. Social Psychology Network: Check out this site for a big list of places you can go to find support for your projects in psychology and the social sciences. American Psychological Foundation: The APF provides a wide range of scholarships, awards and grants to those working to advance the field of psychology and you can apply for a number of them on their site.

Foundation for Psychocultural Research: This foundation hopes to advance research through funding that focuses on mixing the disciplines of culture, psychology, neuroscience and psychiatry. James S. McDonnell Foundation: Created by aerospace developer James McDonnell, this foundation focuses on providing funding for research in the social sciences that helps to improve the lives of people all over the world. Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation: Students pursuing psychology or social science research on the problems of aggression, violence and dominance can look to this fund for support.

GradPsych: This magazine for psychology grad students can provide a listing of numerous places to go to find funding for research projects. American Psychological Association: The APA grants a number of research awards each year for those who are making a contribution to the advancement of psychological science. Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues: If you're thinking of pursuing a research project that has to do both with psychology and how it affects how people function in society, check out this group for potential support.

Psi Chi: Psi Chi is a national honor society for psychology, and offers a number of awards based on research and scholarship each year. Business Research new business methods and projects through help from these resources. TheFunded: Check out this site for a list of funding sources and to get the latest news on well funded business research and startups.

NCAM Grants: The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine is willing to provide funding for research by small businesses into a variety of alternative medicine practices.

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Small Business Innovation Research Program: If you're interested in finding new ways to function in the small business world, check out funding from this program. Institute for Research in Marketing: If marketing is more your thing you'll be able to find all kinds of research funding through this institute. Education Check out these sources for funding in educational initiatives. Institute of Education Sciences: This government organization gives out grants and support for research on education statistics and education research at all levels.

Grants Alert: This site is dedicated to keeping you informed about the latest grants available in the field of education. International Reading Association: Those working on projects that promote literacy and reading can find help and financial support through this association. Arthur Vining Davis Foundations: This foundation is dedicated to improving the world through education, and as such it supports research on a range of education related topics.

Barbara Bush Foundation: Projects focused on improving literacy in America can find support through the former first lady's foundation. Educational Cyberplayground: Here you'll find places you can search for grants, find funding and resources on how to write a grant proposal. National Center for Special Education Research: If you have considered or are working on a project that relates specifically to special education you may be able to find the funding you need through this government institution.

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Technology Get a little help for your projects in technology from these sources. Markle Foundation: Work in emerging information and communication technologies is the focus of this technology-based foundation. Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education: If you're working to find innovative new ways that technology can be used in education try this association for financial support of your research. Benton Foundation: The purpose of this foundation is to show people how to use new technologies and how they can be useful to solving social problems.

If this sounds like your research, try checking this foundation for support. Science and Technology Facilities Council: Based in the UK, this foundation supports a huge number of research projects both in the technology field and in the sciences. Environment Whether you're working to save wildlife or lower carbon emissions, you can find support here. Sea Grant National: Research that is focused on conservation, study, or problems related to the oceans and seas of the world can find support through the grants found on this site. National Center for Environmental Research: Get a little support from this government organization on your environmental research.

The Turner Foundation: The Turner Foundation is dedicated to protecting and preserving the natural world and supports a range of projects on this subject. Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation: Those working on sustainability research and green innovations can find financial support for their work through the Dodge Foundation. Glaser Progress Foundation: This foundation supports work in the preservation of natural environments and animal research and conservation as well as in supporting independent media and AIDS and HIV research.

Blue Moon Fund: The Blue Moon Fund is focused on funding ways that the relationship between humans and the natural world can be changed, namely funding research in new ways of energy use and urban development. Environmental Research and Education Fund: If you're working on a research project that pertains to solid waste management, you may be eligible to apply for a grant through this fund. Department of Energy funds several grant programs for research in fields like climate change, environmental remediation and more.

American Society for Environmental History: If your research focuses more on the history of how humans have interacted with the environment you may find the support you need to conduct your project through this society. Environmental Protection Agency: The EPA offers several funding programs for research on ways to protect and conserve the natural environment. Conservation Grants Center: This website is dedicated to helping researchers find grants that relate to conservation and environmental science.

Resources for the Future: This organization conducts research on air quality, climate change, energy, development and the environment and a variety of other topics and can be a good resource for research help and funding. Multiple Specialties These foundations support a variety of research projects and may be able to help you in yours. Rockefeller Brothers: This large foundation supports research and initiatives in subjects like peace keeping, democratic practice, sustainable development, stewardship and more.

Dana Foundation: The Dana Foundation focuses on two key areas for support: neuroscience and arts education. If you're working on either of these, check out their site for grant possibilities. Ragazze, se avete un po' di buon senso, guardate che arriva l'armata dei 4 cavalieri dell'apocalisse, datevela a gambe Un lapsus quanto mai appropriato dovuto a 3 islamonazisti che si battono contro gli infedeli che osano impipparsene delle loro opinioni e che per questo dovranno fare i conti con la loro furia vendicatrice, proprio quella che promette il giudizio universale per mano dei 4 cavalieri exterminator.

La menzogna fatta carne. Il tutto abbondantemente condito con il solito eloquio volgare che spazia dalla vagina al culo. Tratto da ShockVillage :. Anti-Islamist Fighter Islamism is a totalitarian political ideology that kills. I hadn't heard of this book but I'm glad I stumbled across it in my library sale section. I picked it up for 20 cents and decided to give it a go. I must say, the cover looks so gorgeous in that vintage circus poster kinda way. After reading reading some reviews from other readers, I was worried about what I might find in this book but I'm glad that I persevered anyway.

We'll begin with what I didn't enjoy. I was shocked by how many taboo issues were addressed in this novel and how there wasn't a I hadn't heard of this book but I'm glad I stumbled across it in my library sale section. I was shocked by how many taboo issues were addressed in this novel and how there wasn't a single trigger warning at the beginning. I can stomach gore and dark scenes in books but there were some things that seemed unnecessary and almost turned me off reading further.

I know this was originally an Italian novel that had been translated but some references just went over my head. I was surprised by how much I really enjoyed this book. I didn't know that this was the kind book I was looking for to really pull me out of my reading slump. Reading the book with perspectives from both sides "light and dark sides", according to Saverio gave the narrative more depth and interest, and it was rather insightful. The unexpected twists towards the conclusion made the plot even more unpredictable, which was enjoyable.

I also have to note that the fact that not everyone almost no one had a happy ending made the story realistic. It was an extremely dark and twisted novel, and was something that I wouldn't usually read. I'm glad that it surprised me and I highly recommend it to people who can handle gruesome and taboo issues.

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If you want to keep updated with what I'm reading next, feel free to add me as a friend on Goodreads and follow me on Instagram: thebasicbookworm. Niccolo Ammaniti first came into my life through the superb, thrilling novel "I'm not scared" a couple of years ago. The writing was clever, suspenseful and exquisite, the storyline intriguing and surprising. So, as soon as I heard that his latest book had been translated I got myself a copy this time, on audio, read by the absolutely outstanding Rupert Degas, whose accents and intonations are flawless.

Well, if anyone told me that there was a misprint on the cover, and it's in fact written by Niccolo Ammaniti first came into my life through the superb, thrilling novel "I'm not scared" a couple of years ago. Well, if anyone told me that there was a misprint on the cover, and it's in fact written by a different author I'd believe it! It couldn't be more different to "I'm not scared" if it tried! The writing is still clever, but much wittier with lots of absurd dialogue and inner thought processes. The story is told from various people's perspectives in the third person, predominantly by a hen-pecked, spineless accountant who runs a satanic cult behind his wife's back, and secondly by a vain, egocentric writer who is a manipulative strategist in every situation.

The book is full of wackos and weirdos, and whilst this is very entertaining, it does get a bit tiring when even as far as chapter 77 out of about 82 we are introduced to someone else, still. If you enjoy satire, crazy situational comedy, shock value violence and a bunch of flawed but fascinating characters, I'd recommend this to you! Not everybody will love his dark sense of humour but I surely do. Ammaniti truly is a master of twists and takes you on a journey of his incredible imagination.

It's been just a couple of weeks since I discoverd this author but he already is one of my favourites. The tale is hunting, somewhat blaspheme, captivating; it is the perfect balance between realism and fiction. A millionaire party is organized in a historical Villa in Rome and all Italian famous VIPs are invited to join an absurdly rich and weird hunting party that will end in disaster. The resulting image is a truthful and disgusting snapshot of an old Italy that is exploited, tired, exhausted.

Saverio, a frustrated father and husband, finds himself head of a satanist group of four, his adepts being weirdos and unlikely dark souls. Fabrizio, a famous writer with a narcissistic soul, is stuck between the fear of losing his privileged status and the paranoid delusion of being the best of them all. Their lives will run parallel in a climax building until they will clash in an explosion of bitterness and injustice. The reader will be left with a sense of vengeance for a beautiful country suffering of a prolonged carelessness.

Ammaniti's voice speaks for his generation, including myself and everyone belonging to the so called "Generation X". As an emerging writer I wish one day I will be able to express myself just like him, with a fluidity and a sarcasm that hits the target and lingers in the heart.

July 05, 2006

Two parallel narrative lines grow separately, a crucible forces the characters together and gives credibility to their coexistence even if they have to face harder and nastier obstacles. The resolution comes when the climax reaches its top and the reader is left with lots to think about. A fast-paced romp in Rome. A range of character and full of satire. Thoroughly enjoyable. Let the Games Begin If ethical and aesthetic principles no longer exist, looking like an idiot disappears as a a consequence. He says it to reassure the writer Fabrizio Ciba, who is worried that his public will recognise a poem he plagiarized from Kahlil Gibran.

And that abandonment of ethics and aesthetics which plagues the modern world and Italy in particular, is the theme of this bizarre farce. Let the Games Begin is utt Let the Games Begin If ethical and aesthetic principles no longer exist, looking like an idiot disappears as a a consequence. This new novel is absurdist, crude and mocking, and — be warned — it has some repellent scenes which made me hesitate before plunging on. Think Federico Fellini, Carnevale, Bacchanalia. The cover art on the Australian edition references two-faced Janus, the rape of the Sabine women, Artemis the Hunter, Bacchus and an assortment of diabolical satyrs and whatnot.

Jan 21, Tomas rated it it was ok. I guess i had a completely different idea of what this book would be about I get it, it's a comedy and the exaggerated plot is a way of portraying the criticism. May it had been a short story, the effect would have been the same and perhap I guess i had a completely different idea of what this book would be about May it had been a short story, the effect would have been the same and perhaps the characters could have received a cleaner approach. Was this really the best way of making you question about the struggle between banality and depth towards the understanding of the cultural inheritance we must aprehend to be true to ourselves?

In my opinion a more subtle way could have helped the story gain some beauty without giving up all the excess and bright. The author has indeed a huge imagination and his writing shows wit. I guess he was brave with the choices he made for the story and i'm looking forwards to read some of his other novels so as to find out more about his writing.