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Some people like this kind of writing style, whereas others feel that it is too casual for certain applications. If you separate the respective contractions, you can see how these sentences are still grammatically acceptable. You are still questioning the certainty of a certain statement.

This is quite different than the difference between much and many , since that is much more distinct.

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Excellent Michael! This is a great example of everyday life expressions that can be used in our writing to bring more street conversation and feeling. Can anyone clarify that? Your email address will not be published.

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Synonyms and related words. Ways of saying you are not sure: perhaps , maybe , presumably Explore Thesaurus. STEAM science, technology, engineering, art and maths: an educational approach that integrates art and design with the sciences and technical subjects BuzzWord Article.

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Open Dictionary the Hawthorne effect an effect observed in science, where study participants alter their behaviour because they know they are being observed add a word. For some time now, many in the deaf community — a phrase that makes an argument: we are not just persons similarly afflicted; we are a community — have resisted cochlear implants, reasoning that to accept them would be to deny their culture, their language and their identity.

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Deafness appears, it is said, as a defect only against the background of a norm that has been put in place not by nature, but by history. The logic of that question is the logic that has driven all the anti-discrimination movements of the last years. A minority deaf activists view themselves as a linguistic minority is regarded by the mainstream as defective, impaired, criminal Italians and Irish in the 19th century , inferior Asians and blacks , immoral gays, polygamists and gypsies , lacking in mental or physical resources women until only recently and either less or more than human X-men and Jews.

What was once seen as a deviation or something to be eradicated is re-characterized as a culture, and in a short time the culture has a lobby and is demanding respect, representation and even reparations for opportunities denied and rights withheld. The formerly shunned but now legitimized community opens cultural centers, galleries think of graffiti artists , museums, historical archives, and soon it is being courted by the very mainstream constituencies that for so long accorded it only a negative recognition. You can of course say that the test is whether those whose life style the majority finds dubious and offensive cause harm to others.

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Those who want to regulate them respond that smokers drive up our medical costs and pornography erodes family values and corrupts our children. This drama is now playing out in Texas. Perhaps you draw the line by marking off what is criminal from what is not. But no category is more obviously the plaything of politics and prejudice than the category of lawbreakers.

Until , it was criminal to engage in interracial marriage; until very recently, it was criminal to engage in sex with someone of the same sex; once, it was criminal to teach blacks how to read; rigid drug laws have made criminals out of several generations of young men; Nelson Mandela was a criminal for decades.

Maybe you apply the universal outrage test, which, one presumes, would put pedophiles and serial killers in the class of those whose actions no one could possibly appreciate or justify. I am neither making nor approving these arguments. I am merely noting that they can and have been made, that they will continue to be made, that there is no theoretical way to stop them from being made, and that their structure is always the same whether the condition that asks for dignity and the removal of stigma is autism, deafness, blackness, gayness, polygamy, drug use, pedophilia or murder.

We want to say that these are all different, that there can be no equivalence between them, and that making the case for one is not to make a case for the others. And of course as a practical matter, that is true. The distinctions that can not be shored up by theory will be put in place, at least for a time, by history; and the degree to which they remain firm or are challenged will be a contingent matter depending on political, social, economic and other factors that cannot be predicted or managed.

This is not such an intractable conundrum as one might think.

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First of all, one must avoid making invalid generalizations. Not all people who are physically deaf belong to a social group on that basis. To automatically classify them such assign them to a social group according to their physiology is the quintessence of racism and should be avoided. Most profoundly deaf people in America use American Sign Language and are indeed a cultural and linguistic minority. They are bicultural and bilingual. On the contrary, culturally Deaf people associate with each other precisely because they want to reach out, improve their communications skills, increase their knowledge about the world, and expand their horizons.

The standard, or baseline, for analyzing and making cultural categories is this: the human faculty of cognition. Culturally Deaf people, using natural, socially organic sign languages, suffer no cognitive impairments by virtue of their hearing level. In prehistoric times when humans lived in a state of perpetual emergency vis-a-vis the natural world, it could perhaps be said that a deaf person was disabled, but this does not hold true in modern times.

Emergency situations vis-a-vis nature are not the norm in modern times. Emergency situations which are social in nature are a separate issue. When a train conductor is unable to signal a deaf pedestrian with his horn, this is a problem to do with the design of railroad crossings and the function of trains, and is not a reason to argue in support of providing cochlear implants to all deaf children, especially when cochlear implants only provide synthetic and an imperfect, or partial sense of hearing.

More is not necessarily better.

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Deaf people are not cognitively impaired, nor are they mobility impaired. On those occasions, and in those instances, Deaf people have the advantage over hearing people. One would not think it proper to point at those instances and declare that the faculty of hearing per se represents a disability. Perhaps, Dr. Fish, this is true. They are inescapably normalized from cradle to grave. Divergences are what humanity consists of: autistic and non-autistic persons; pedaphiles and non-pedaphiles; serial killers and serial non-killers, and so forth.

The broad context of all of humanity permits sub-contexts of interpretive communities to function without an impulse to normalize divergencies in terms of the broad context. This idea is only functionally viable if one believes, as I do, that universal compassion will always accompany a genuine experience of universally shared humanity. Western thought has not, for the most part been able to comprehend the connection between universal humanity and compassion.

East Asian non-centric forms of thought e. Mahayana Buddhism are better equipped to do so. Deconstruction has the potential to lead to this sort of comprehension, but often goes awry at the crucial nexus of aporia, deteriorating into reification of the very process that might have engendered releasement from attachment to all things. Multiculturalism, in this form, is not sufficiently self-critical. This is the problem at the root of the theoretical conflict that Prof.

Fish is characterizing: judgment of all kinds, including judgment of judgments, presupposes a normative framework. Since the multiculturalist and the conservative do not share a common conception of the normal, their criticisms of each other are always beside the point. There is no sense in asking which of the two is right; there is just the interesting historical fact that at this point in time, these two factions happen to hold rather different views about what is normal and what is deviant.

A difficult question is what causes us to adopt the standards we do adhere to, but the speculation on this topic is endless. Some can not communicate on any significant level. Others injure themselves by actions such as severe head banging, biting, and self starvation. Life for some persons with autistic disorder is a life of dependency. As the parent of a 12 year old boy with Autistic Disorder, and profound developmental delays, it is for me and his mother to say, legally and morally, how he should be educated and whether and how, he should be treated for his autistic disorder.

He does not have the capacity to understand whether autism is a culture, a community or a disorder. We love him, we care for him and we worry about what will happen to him when we are gone. A stranger who does not know him, does not care for him and does not share his life challenges has no right to say that my son should not be treated for, or cured of, a disorder which severely restricts his life. It seems to me that you are talking about the anti-discrimination regime most of all.

Or: it would undermine every justification of coercion, without which there is no political life. I think if you look a bit deeper into evolutionary theory, Prof. This makes sense if you consider that organisms evolve in complex systems that are themselves evolving; any change to a well-adapted organism i.

That said, I thought it was sort of amusing that there seems to be an implication here that dark skin in humans was some sort of mutation. My youngest son is a mutant. He has a genetic mutation that will, in all probability, rob him of his sight in his teenage years. In addition, it has meant that he has needed five surgeries in his first two years of life, and that he nearly did not live through his first week.

It also means that he is genetically predisposed to obesity and learning disabilities. Recent research into some of the genetic causes of obesity give us hope that he will not have to fight weight issues his entire life. Working with Early Intervention therapists have us hopeful that we will be able to combat any learning disabilities or developmental delays he may have.